6th International exhibition of miniatures “little m”

June 8, 2011

June 18- July 19, 2011

6th International exhibition of miniatures “little m”

Exhibition is open for visitors from June 18th. On occasion of Culture Night in Vilnius on opening day we will work extra long – until 11 p.m.

During exhibition visitors can vote for their favorite miniature!

You can download electronic catalogue of 6th International Miniature exhibition! <Please go to this webpage and read the information how to do it>

 6th International Miniature Exhibition mažoji m / little m.

20 03 2007 – 09 04 2007 Alytus Ethnographic Museum (Savanorių 6,Alytus,Lithuania).

30 08 2007 –20 09 2007 „Klaipedos gallery” (Bažnyčių 4 / Daržų 10,Klaipeda,Lithuania)

18 06 2011 – 19 07 2011 “Actus magnus” gallery (Pilies 36 – 44,Vilnius,Lithuania).

Numbers: 240 authors from 40 countries have submitted the works for exhibition. After selection there were miniatures of 70 authors from 27 country (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Uruguay, USA) presented to the audience.

Miniature of the year: “Urban space Nr. 2”, Consuelo Barbosa (1954),France.

Jury: graphic artist and sculptor Faust Campamá (Andora), graphic artist Elvyra Katalina Kriaučiūnaitė (Lithuania), director of “Užupio gallery” Irina Matulionienė (Lithuania).

Miniature of the year selected by audience:  “Trip I”, Taibė Chait (1949),Lithuania.

Curators: Kristina Norvilaitė, Jolita Zykutė.

Organizer: “Actus magnus”. http://www.actusmagnus.com



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